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This week has been majorly lame.  I want a redo.

This week, my Uncle Don lost his courageous fight against cancer.  It seems as if one day I'm getting a bear hug & kiss on the cheek...the next, I'm saying goodbye.  At least, saying goodbye the best I know how from 1700 miles away.

I'm going to miss that handsome guy.

Those who knew him were blessed, and those who didn't totally missed out.  I am so glad that I not only knew him, but I was family.  

Many of you may know that I've been involved with the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life for a few years now.  This is my 4th year and I am the co-captain of our Relay team at work, the LNS Curewriters.  I set a goal last year and set out to participate in honor of my uncle Don and in memory of my Aunt Barbara.

Relay For Life is my personal opportunity to fight back against cancer by raising funds and awareness.  I fight so one day no one has to ever face cancer.  
It's amazing to think that millions of people will be diagnosed with cancer this year.  It has already taken so many amazing people that I love.  People like my grandfathers, Marshall Whitlock & JB Thomas; my aunt, Barbara Whitlock; as well as my wonderful friend, Danna.  Many I know, like my friends, Hollie & Joanne, are still fighting. Because of them, I am trying to do my part.

Now, more than ever, I want to do what I can to fight back against this ugly disease. 

If cancer has affected or taken someone you love dearly, please support my efforts this year in Relay For Life by making a donation.  Together, we have the power to make a difference.

Make a donation to Relay For Life here.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I love you Uncle Don.

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