loves. ♥♥

My fellow blogger, The Winey Mommy, posted a feel-good blog about her loves.

Sounds like fun.

Below are several random things that have my heart currently. I have many loves. I love...love. The things a person loves can say a lot about them & their character. So sit back and learn about me.

I love.....
♥music. (playing, singing, listening....music=love.)

♥big red. (too bad it can't be found too many places in California.)

♥my iphone. 

♥laughing until I can't breathe.

♥TEXAS. (my home state...makes me feel all warm & fuzzy inside.)

♥windows down-music up!

♥a good cup of coffee in the morning.

♥dates with the mister.

♥great customer service. 

♥christmas lights.

♥being caught up on laundry.

♥crossword puzzles. (yes...I'm a word nerd.) 

♥university of texas. (hook 'em horns!)

♥big trucks.

♥having a husband who can cook....and well! 

♥girls' nights.

♥coming home to a clean house.

♥making people laugh.

♥scented candles.


♥getting REAL mail. (bills and junk don't count.) 

♥fishing. (I haven't been once since moving to California. So sad.) 

♥softball. (Been playing since I was childhood. It's my sport.) 

♥sand pit volleyball. (a summer must.) 

♥paintball. (hello adrenaline!) 


♥the silence you get when you drive under the bridge during the rain. 

♥going to the ranch to relax. (I miss home.) 

♥road trips. 

♥the pride of being a texan. 

♥the pool. (hanging out at mom's in the pool. relaxation win!) 

♥ORGANIZATION! (yes, yes....ocd.)

♥dancing in the car. 

♥thrift stores. 

♥sonic's route 44 diet cherry cokes & orange vanilla sprites! 


♥los amigos in bonham, texas.

♥discovering new music before anyone else & recommending it.

♥nertz. (my very favorite card game.)

♥the smell of hay and sweet feed. (country girl, remember?)

♥rootin' on my favorite teams (Longhorns, Mavs, Cowboys, Rangers, Red Sox, Stars).

♥pop-tarts. (breakfast of champions. lol)

♥the smell of fresh cut grass.


♥jamba juice. (california did it to me.)

♥good live music. (anytime. anywhere.  it's always gives goosebumps.)

♥nubi. (mmm...goodness in a cup, err...bucket.)

♥the sound a snowball makes when it hits a windshield. (hee hee)

♥being the "different" one by just being me.

....just to name a few. ;)  What are some of your loves?


Chelle said...

Oh, sweet tea...YUM. I love our southern sweet tea!

Love your list, sweetie!

Homesick Cajun said...

Windows down, music up! Dancing in the car & sweet tea! Yummy!

Sillynelle said...

Oooo the sound of silence under the bridge one...interesting ;)
Israel just loves to honk and make a bunch of Obscene noise lol :)
Nice list!

Dorcas_Speaks said...

Would LOVE for You and Jeremy to move back to Texas! ;)