homesickness & happy birthdays.

Texas....oh, how I miss thee.

This month has caused me to think about how much I truly miss living in the Lone Star State.  Don't get me wrong, I love all of my new found California friends.  I just really miss Texas and my family.

I know many who are not from Texas will not understand such loyalty.  To help, I've compiled a list from various sources as to why I love Texas more than California.

♥We're taught to say "yes sir" and "yes ma'am" and to respect our elders.  We also say "howdy," "fixin' to" and "ya'll."

♥California may claim "real" cheese and avocados....but Texas claims 100% Grade A Angus Beef.  Who wants avocados and cheese when you can have steak and potatoes?

♥Our elected leaders, while often not perfect, are not former actors, wannabe actors, widows of actors, formerly engaged to actors or want to work part-time as actors while they "serve" the people as politicians. By and large, Texas politicians are people who care about making Texas better through making things better for Texans.  Seems to be working.  And...our last governor became the President of the United States.  "Ah-nold" isn't even eligible. 
♥Texas is the only state that can legally fly its flag beside the United States flag...at the same height.

♥Three words.  High. School. Football.

♥Texas is the only state that can secede and become its own country.
♥Our sports teams and heroes are better. With simple names like the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Astros ... Texas teams are honest, simple and a real representation of our people.  We don't have pretentious names such as The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Also, how does the nation's second-largest city lose not one, but two NFL franchises? In college, The Heisman Trophy was named after John William Heisman, the first coach of Houston's Rice University. Greatness personified.

♥Geographically, Texas has it all. In one state you can find mountains, canyons, thick, piney forests, beautiful desert landscapes, the great plains, gorgeous coastal plains, and even swamps if that's your thing.
♥We have better songs about our state.  "California Dreamin'" and the The Gatlin Brothers' "All the Gold in California" just can't compare to classical anthems such as "The Yellow Rose of Texas," "Texas, Our Texas," "Deep in the Heart of Texas" or even more campfire-friendly cuts like Jerry Jeff Walker's "What I Like About Texas" or Waylon Jennings' "Luckenbach, Texas." Additionally, our music doesn't fall prey to East Coast/West Coast rivalries ... there are no worries about turf wars in country music. 

♥The cost of living is remarkably lower. The price of land and residences are exponentially lower.  The difference in what you can buy in Texas for $250,000 vs. California is shameful. We have no state income tax and no taxes on capital gains.  No further words about this are necessary.

♥It's safer in Texas. Whether the calamity be weather- or crime-related, Texas fares better than California.  Your wildfires cannot be topped and no amount of Earth-rattling will dump us into the ocean.  As far as crime goes, we both have the death penalty ... Texas just isn't afraid to use it.

♥Our economy is stronger. The Lone Star State has more Fortune 500 companies than any other state in the Union.  Texas has 64 compared to California's 51 -- including three major airlines, AT&T, Dell, Texas Instruments, ExxonMobil ... just to name a few. According to the article in Trends magazine, Texas also created 70 percent of all new jobs in 2008 and enjoys a robust surplus.  California is adding roughly $25 million per day to its $26 billion in debt.  Ouch.

♥We are Texans.  We are a proud people.  While we never claim to be perfect, we are real and we strive to make the Union a better one through a better Texas.  What matters there isn't how plastic you are or how tan you are ... it's about who you are.

♥We have Blue Bell ice cream, Cracker Barrel, Chicken Express, Cheddar's.....shall I go on?

As the great Sam Houston once said, "Texas could survive without the United States, but the United States could not survive without Texas!"


Also....today is the birthday of one of my very best friends!  Actually, one of the people who make living in California that much more fun!


Happy Birthday Israel!  So glad you were born! :)

It always helps to have friends who make your stay more bearable.  I have to admit that although I've been really homesick this month....I'm so grateful for my amazing friends who keep laughing & enjoying my time here.  You guys know who you are.  If I tried to make a list, I'd forget someone and would forever be afraid to walk in a dark alley. ;)  Love you guys!


Small Town Girl said...

I had to leave the Lone Star State and live in Oklahoma while the hubs was serving in the Army. It's amazing how different it was...and we were only about 45 minutes from the state line. I can't imagine how different Cali must be.

Adrienne said...

Come back to Texas we will let you come home =) I am a new follower and I hope your adventures in CA treat you well... Long Live Texas!

amber dodd. said...

Welcome ladies! :)
Cali definitely is a different world. Enjoying my time...(sounds like prison)...but definitely missing home. Looking forwards to 2 weeks back home in July!

Kassie Dutton said...

Great post! I am definitely Texas proud. However, after living in California for 4 years (and moving back, of course), I must say, at least you have a pretty place to live while on leave from the best place on earth. ;)