My OCD & Me :)

Upon having dinner at the Krantz' home last night, I was reminded of something.

I am ill.

No seriously. When asked to arrange the cheese plate, I grew worrisome. Why? I was given four types of cheeses......all white. "How ever will people know what type of cheese to choose? There has to be a system. At that time, I took it upon myself to arrange them alphabetically so there was no confusion.

Pepperjack. Provolone. Swiss. White American.

Yes, I'm sick.

How can one person find so much joy in alphabetizing? No clue. I just do.

Unfortunately, the obsession does not end there. I compulsively eat one thing at a time. Chips...then the sandwich. Sides....then the meat. When sharing food (even a simple cheeseburger and fries) with my husband I get confused unless we separate it on two different plates. "When do I move from the fries to the cheeseburger?!?" Yes, I actually think that way.

Today in the Journalism office, I found myself organizing my college notebook. I did not simply separate the papers with dividers by class. Oh no....that would be too easy. I organized them in the order that I have the classes each week, making sure each syllabus was on top. It's scary I tell you.

I LOVE organization!

Wanna see a happy Amber? Say three simple words:

The. Container. Store.


Holly Genevieve said...

You are hilarious! I thought the cheese thing at the Krantz' was pretty funny :)

Lynda said...

Hi! I am so glad you found us. Look forward to reading your blog.

I am totally with you on the organization thing. Ok maybe not as bad but I am in the neighborhood. LOL