convos with the mister.

If you don't follow me on twitter (cough, cough)...then you pretty much miss the random conversations between the mister and I.  You know he has to be a pretty interesting guy in order to function well along with my ADHD & OCD.  It's a necessity. 

I was shuffling through my twitter account and came across these nuggets.  I thought I would give my readers some insight on our relationship. hehe.

♥Should the mister be allowed to tell me to "go drown in a lake" and call me a "queen" in the same breath? 

♥No Jeremy,  I will NOT ride in the back of the truck. Even if it DOES have a camper...

♥So glad the mister is being a fantastic man and sweeping my kitchen floor. Even if he IS singing "Who Let the Dogs Out" while doing it.... 

♥The mister calls me "Lucille-ifer." I should be offended, but it's too funny.

♥I'm discussing with the mister how my naturally curly hair is getting more and more unruly. He says, "that's because it's turning white." Grrr.

♥Him: "It's harder to eat rice with pork chops." Me: "You mean chopsticks?"

Him: What's the highest score in bowling? Because that's what I bowl.

Me: Wow. That girl's stomach is hangin' out her shirt. Him: It looks like a water balloon.

The mister just told me to go stand in the road, close my eyes & count to 100. I think the anniversary is over.  

So I tell the mister that I'm bored. He says, "See if you can fit in the fireplace." Gotta love him. 

"Speaking of court, the new Taco Bell is open." - the mister (aka Random Man) 

♥The mister's random drawing on our trip to Famous Dave's:: http://twitpic.com/gwf8f 

As I read back over these little moments, I smile.  How blessed am I to have such an entertaining marriage? I'm hoping that you other couples out there have these same kind of moments.  Moments when it's just the two of you acting crazy, when all of a sudden you stop and say, "It's a good thing no one sees us acting like this."  

Those are my favorites. :)


Sillynelle said...

Some of the best "one liners" around :) Dodd style!

Chelle said...

Those are hilarious!

I cracked UP about the count to 100--bwahaha!

amber. said...

Glad you liked it. Haha. He's a mess...

WhisperingWriter said...

Haha, hilarious!!