the black box.

I want cute clothes.

Why is it so hard for me to find things that look cute AND modest at the same time? Is it fair that others seem to have the easiest time finding new items for their wardrobe? Is it even fair that looking cute comes so easily? I think not.

I discussed this anomaly with my friend Mary as we were eating lunch. Another friend of ours walked by in a cute little black dress. Nothing out of the ordinary...just classically cute. Her cuteness caused us to erupt into this conversation:

Mary: That is such a cute dress.

Me: Oooh yeah. That is cute!

Mary: I don't think it would work for me....

Me: I know it wouldn't work for me! I'd look like a black box. People would be looking for me to find information on the latest plane crash!

Oh yeah. I tell it like it is. *sigh*

I'm just confused about cute clothes in general. Why do they only go up to a certain size? It's like once you reach a certain size, the "mamaw police" take over. Suddenly a twenty-something is thrown into the pool of moo-moos and doilies. Don't get me wrong....there ARE cute clothes out there beyond a size 6. I know there are. Unfortunately I'm not on the cover of Forbes, thus I can't afford them. Plus, when I DO find these items....they seem to have less material than what should be there. Sleeves are too short. Skirts are too short. C'mon people! Let's get it right!

Pardon the pity party.....but it's just not fair.

I think I'll start my own clothing line. I'll call it "Modest is Hottest."


Barb said...

I know what you mean.... well... looking for CUTE,for me,is long since history, but I agree that once past a 'certain' size, most designers bring out reject fabrics from the 50s and patterns cut-by-feel by blind people.

I mean, come on! If you are a larger woman - you don't want a box. You need a little shape in the cut of your clothing! A little nip here, a little tuck, a little curve there. You don't want pockets and things at your stomach and hips.

And what is the deal with necklines and arm holes? I am large... I am not an elephant. I DO NOT NEED a 3 feet wide neckline that gapes off my shoulders or an armhole that starts below my 'foundational garments' and could easily accomodate my thigh :)

And yes, some high-end stores do carry pretty - and modest - clothes in extended sizes, but not in my pay range. In fact, I'd like to GET PAID in one paycheck what some of them cost. ha!

I have recently visited a blog that ran a series on modesty and fashion - you might like to check them out, for commiseration - if nothing else.


Holly Genevieve said...

hahahahaaaaahaa!!! I was waiting for this post. It's hilarious! I agree with you on the finding something to wear. I have a really hard time. It's so frustrating!

Isabel said...

Hello Amber. I came across your blog. Your pen is very funny! I loved reading your entries.