As of Monday, I am living the last year of my twenties.

*sigh* At times it's sad....but I'm kind of feeling good about the whole idea. Weird, I know.

I thought that my birthday would be rather uneventful this year. I mean, afterall, Jeremy is in Texas and I would be working. To my surprise, it was one of the best birthdays ever!

Things started off with a bang as I headed to Oroville on Saturday. Our festivities included the megasuperawesome scavenger hunt/cookout/scooter ballet/grass roll/kickball t
ourney/scattegories extravaganza! I had soooo much fun!

My scavenger hunt team consisted of me, Sis. K, Sis. Cheryl, Sis. Kim, Josiah & Melody. Might I add that we rocked! Yes, yes....we are the champions! Afterwards, we headed back for our victory dinner of burgers & hotdogs. ha ha

It wasn't long after that we headed to the park for some more "friendly" competition. Along the way, I provided the soundtrack to a very graceful "Scooter Ballet." It was lovely. Vid
eo......Sis. Holly?

I have learned yet another new thing this year through our festivities.... People who are allergic to grass......love to roll in it. ha ha Right, Amy?

After the infamous grass rolls.....a game of kickball was necessary. Game faces, anyone?

My fearless teammates and I left the park victorious. Ah....it was a beautiful thing. We left the excitement to move into even more competition at the Krantz house. (Didn't we learn our lesson?)

There were too many memories to explain: Jorge Foreman The "Jalapeno" Dance "Otter-ducks" Turn left. ....and the list goes on. If I forgot, feel free to refresh my memory. Sunday, the wonderful church of Oroville threw a party for me. Pizza and cake! They're awesome!!

Monday brought about the actual day. April 6, 1980 at 11:09am, a star was born. ha ha

I enjoyed a mean breakfast with Bro. & Sis. K. Have I mentioned lately how much I love them? Oh yeah, well I do. They're awesome! So, we enjoyed breakfast as we re-capped some of my favorite quotes of the Sunday night sermon.

Shall I repeat? I shall.....

1. ""You're so weak, it only takes 3 demons and 2 sissies to push you out the truck."

2. "I'm beginning to think 'FAIR' is only a place you show pigs and sell marmalade."

3. "He was broke out with all kinds of stupid."

4. "Put on your big girl skirt....and do it."

I could go on with my favorite "Pastor quotes"....but that's a whole other blog.

So, after my breakfast I traveled back home, went to work.....and was surprised by
my wonderful friends, Mishell & Israel, who said they had plans for us to go to dinner. Awesome! Mishell picked me up and we went to Israel's to pick him up as well. When we went in to his house, I was bombarded by a group of voices yelling, "SURPRISE!!!!"

After I gathered my composure from falling into to wall from fear, I cried. Yes, I cried. Israel had cooked jambalaya for me. Jambalaya!! A taste of the south! Hallelu-yer! And it was "too much good!"

Afterwards, we all played a game that Israel made. "How well do you know Amber?" Congratulations to Sarah for being the winner and knowing the most about me!! (Besides Israel....who knew ALL the answers!)

To finish it off, we had some awesome strawberry shortcake....complete with candles. I have awesome friends! I'm so thankful.

So, a big thanks to EVERYONE who made my first birthday in California......amazing! You're the best!!!


Kevin Timothy Evans said...

Glad you had a great B-day!

Kim Vincent said...

Here's to many more birthdays in California!

Life with Me said...

i'm glad you had a good b-day!!!You deserved it :)

Sis K said...

Miss Amber, how in the world could you forget...BASHFUL!!! Hahahaahahaaa! Way to go Kev! I love you all...too much fun! See ya tomorrow Sis. Jorge Foreman Valenzuela Diego Anastacio Nunez Estados Unidos Smith!

PS have i told you lately that i love you? (that was in the key of C.)

ANurse4Him said...

Happy Bday Amber!