Awesome week last week......my mom flew to sunny California for my birthday.

However, it wasn't quite so sunny when they arrived. Of course, I blamed this on them. Prior to their arrival, the weather was perfect. They show up and the storm clouds hover over head. Luckily it went away a couple of days later.

It's funny being around Texans after being in California for 8 months. Their southern accent cracked me up. I think because I'm just not used to hearing it anymore. I loved it! Of course they took no time to accuse me of becoming "Californian-ized" and losing my accent.

*gasp* I hope it's not true!

Moving on....

Just when I thought all of my gazillion birthday celebrations were done.....Sis. Kim provided yet another. We met up with the Oroville ladies in Sacramento on Saturday morning for some fabulous shopping.....

Easter hat, anyone?

.....and went to Joe's Crab Shack for lunch. Of course, Sis. Kim tells them it's MY birthday and I am then transformed into "Amberella the Splendiferous Birthday Fairy!"

Oh....I was amused. With this fancy new title, it was now my responsibility to dance around the restaurant sprinkling fellow patrons with my magical birthday dust.

Oh yes.

But....it was fun. I think every year we should celebrate "Amber WEEK" so we can get in all of these festivities again.

I was so glad Mom and my Aunt Sherri were able to fly out for my birthday. We had a great time.

I definitely miss my mom.

ily. <3

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