My ADHD is currently in overdrive.
This is me trying to tell you that you'll have to work to keep up with this post.

So, first let's start with a wonderful round of applause for my Dallas Mavericks.
I'm guessing that it took me leaving the state for them to shut down San Antonio in the playoffs....but hey, whatever it takes.

I've also recently found myself craving coffee.
all. the. time.

I'll be in Safeway and the magnificent aroma will cause me to float to the coffee aisle. So wonderful.... I think I'll write a poem about coffee. Just you wait.

I now know why I enjoy living in the country.
No neighbors.

People are crazy! Since moving into my new apartment, I have had more run-ins with the crazies than ever before. Seriously....

Example A: I'm leaving my apartment as another tenant of the male persuasion is sitting on a bench near the exit. Here is the conversation:

Him: Hello.

Me: Hi. (I continue walking.)

Him: Lookin' good there!!

(I walk much faster.)

Example B: I get home from work to find a man standing outside the entrance. (You have to have a key to enter the building, or be buzzed up.) Again.....another conversation:

Him#2: Hi!

Me: Hi. (Walking to the door.)

Him#2: Hey, I'm waiting for my friend. Can I come up and wait with you?

Me: Umm...no. (Walk in, shut door.)

Crazies, I tell you! Then, I have people stomping overhead....and someone felt the need this week to hammer. All morning. It was like they were building a house...in a studio apartment! *sigh*

Also, I must take this opportunity to give a shout out to my wonderful friend, Sis. Gayla Baughman. I told you I would, and here it is. I'm wondering two things. When will you blog again, and why aren't you following me yet?? ha ha

Nothing really pressing to blog about at the current moment. I will, however, make a promise now to try and post more regularly. I understand that I have become a slacker. I understand the need for me to fill your minds with randomness on a regular basis.



Michelle Springsteen said...

You better stick to that promise because your blog can be extremely boring.

Michelles account may have been hacked by Kevin Evans.

Deanie said...

Hey, Amber, yes you need to write more, cause I really need something good to read!


My ADHD Me said...

Haha. I know what you mean. I'll write every day for a while and then there is this
M E N T A L B L O C K.

There's plenty rambleing around up in my head...there's just that problem of getting it from my head, into words and...then...what were we talking about.....?