the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

I know that is a played out cliche about family, but in my case it's so true.

My amazing mother celebrated her birthday on Sunday (Valentine's Day), which made me miss her....which made me want to devote an entire post to her and only her.  Well...us. 

I know that most people who have a good relationship with their parents usually say that they're the best.  I listen to this in total skepticism.  I believe that to them they are the best.  But they haven't met my mom.  They don't know Shannon Kay Powell.  Because if they did, they would understand that all they have ever known about "good parents" is simply generic.  

Let me first explain that I am not a kiss-up.  If anything, I'm usually one of the most straight-forward (yet tactful) people you'll know.  But I honestly believe that I am one lucky girl to have a mom like mine.  

Our relationship is not the typical parent/child relationship, but a true friendship.  I don't roll my eyes at the fact that my mom is on Facebook.  I would honestly be more inclined to encourage her to get one if she wasn't already a pro.  I don't get embarrassed when she comes and goofs off with my friends.  Where do you think I got it?  I don't keep things from her.  I don't sigh when she asks to hang out.  I love her and I love spending time with her.  She's my best friend.  Honestly, we're too much alike.  It's scary.  Saying the same things at the same time, laughing together....we even share our road rage. ;)

We've practically been inseparable since I was born....until I moved to California.  *sigh*  It is now that I realize just how much time we spent together.  How many Saturdays we spent shopping.  How many nights we hung out in our pj's and played Guitar Hero.  I miss "Feed the Children" nights when she would have me, the mister and my brother and his family over for dinner every Saturday night.  I miss playing the drums in church and having her look over from the choir loft to make faces at me. I miss rooting on the Texas Longhorns together in our hoodies and baseball caps. I miss my mom.

I haven't seen her in six months.  The longest I have ever gone without seeing her.  I hate it.  If she wanted to move in with me tomorrow, she would have a room.  No questions asked. haha.  I know I have settled here in California for now, but would be more settled if I was close to her.  That just makes anywhere....home.

So for now, I'll be counting down the days until we get to hang out again and cause trouble like we always do.  Whether she's here or I'm there. 

I am definitely my mother's daughter.  If you think I'm bad, let me introduce you to my sensei. ;)


skipegirl61 said...

Awwww, I miss my beautiful, talented daughter so much!! YOU are the best!!


Amy said...

This is precious! Love it. So sweet. Its so nice to have a good mom. You will live close again, I am sure. :) xoxo

DeAnn said...

Wow you look just like your mom! My mom had blone hair and blue eyes! crazy.. we look nothing alike.. Your mom looks so sweet and fun! your so blessed to have her im sure!