approaching the big three-oh.

Yesterday I was 6.  I promise.

It's so hard to believe that I will be 30 in one week.  It seemed so much older when I was a teenager.  I don't feel 30.  At least not what I thought 30 would feel like. 
The mister loves to point out the new wrinkles in my face to me.  What a guy.  Since we were married at 20, he's seen my younger days.  Before the gray hair started showing up.  Before the crow's feet.  Ah...30, what are you doing to me?
In other news, sorry that I went MIA on everyone.  Been sickly lately and haven't been able to kick it.  Probably has something to do with turning 30.  I don't get over sickness as easily....
What's even better, is that when my boss found out how old I was going to be, his exact words were, "You're running outta time!  Why don't you have kids yet?" 
I said, "I'm not THAT old..." 
"Yes you ARE," he exclaimed.


That topic, my friends, is a whole other blog in itself.
I am thankful, however, that my mom will be here for my birthday.  Talk about the best birthday present ever!  I'm so excited!  She'll be here tomorrow, so pray for the mister.  He says we're just alike.  If you think I'M a mess....meet Mom.  I had to get it all from someone. 

So, April 6th...here I come.  For better or worse.


Chelle said...

Happy EARLY birthday!! Don't worry--I turned 30 last June..I'm still alive...haha!

I have noticed I've been sicker this year than I usually am. I'm blaming when I caught Swine Flu back in the fall...30 is the new 20 ;)

xoxo & love the cutie pie pic of you!

Us Four & No More said...

Happy Birthday Amber!

30 isn't too bad (I can say that because I haven't been there yet - 1 more year) When I have a freak out I'll come to you for tips.

Jenna Rink from "13 going on 30" says that 30 is the new 20! Surely we must believe in the truth of that statement (and the magic wishing dust)... hehehe

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy it - you look great.

SarahD. said...

thirty isnt old. then again im almost there. so you really cant take my word for it. lol. but you are awesome. so no worries about thirty.

happy early birthday tho! :)

Amy said...

I am DYING that Janelle just refrenced 13 going on 30!! hahaha

First, Amber you were an adorble little girl. Just precious. That picture is a keeper for years to come.

Second, 30's a breeze. This is coming from someone who will be 34 in a month. :) It's not old AT ALL! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I've had more fun in my 30s then I did in my 20s. Course I have more gray hairs and wrinkles, but I attribute that to my kiddos. :)

And speaking of kiddos, no stress there. You have plenty of time. :)

happy birthday!!

Roxanna said...

Happy Three-Oh...

My husband's birthday is on the 6st too...

30 isn't that bad though... I just turned 30 this past December... it has been okay so far!

amber dodd. said...

Thanks for the encouragement girls!
Chelle - I think swine flu is the new El Nino...blame it for everything! hehe
Janelle - Hopefully I'll have amazing tips for you next year...magic wishing dust included. ;)
Thanks Sarah! You're awesome too!
Amy - Thanks so much. I'm starting to like the idea of 30 thanks to you and a few others. hehe
Roxanna - Good things come from April 6th. ;) Tell him Happy Birthday for me.

Thanks everyone for the early birthday wishes! :)