oh my dodd!

Ok, so for those of you who don't know....

I have a web show.  Yes, it's true.

The OhMyDodd! Show

It's amazing to me how this all came about.  My mom sends me a video camera so I can upload videos to YouTube for her and other friends and family to see.  Apparently many others found my randomness entertaining.  Who'd have thought? 

I've including two of my good friends (Israel & Mishell) as regulars on the show.

Since June, our Facebook fan page has 468 fans!  Whoa!

Well, the publisher of the Lodi News-Sentinel happens to be a fan as well and recently asked us to star in their upcoming commercial.  Production and filming was too much fun!  The editing is finally done and you can check out the online version here

If you think you can possibly follow my randomness and possibly find it worth your time (lol), you can check out The OhMyDodd! Show on YouTube here

However, if my over the top humor & hyperactivity are too much, I completely understand. haha

Look out world!  The OhMyDodd! Show is out! 


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you ok?? Im having ohmydodd withdraws..hehe.. do you have a button for your blog?? lemme know!~ xoxo