nine years. ♥♥

Nine years ago today, I married the mister. ♥♥
♥March 3, 2001♥

It seems like just yesterday that I was 9 years old and arriving at the Living Word church in Greenville, Texas.  I climbed into the church bus, supplied by the church in Paris, and sat in the seat behind a cute little brown-haired boy named Jeremy.  

The rest is history.  

Fast forward 11 years and we went on our first date.  Two and a half months later, he proposed.  Five months later, we were Mr. & Mrs. ♥

I know I've said this before, but I won the husband lottery.  My mister is truly amazing.  He is like no other man I've ever known.  I love him in every way possible to truly love someone.

While we've definitely been through our set of struggles, when we find ourselves in less than ideal circumstances it is then that our relationship truly shines. It's like we don't have a problem in the world.

The thought of growing old with him makes me giddy and gives me butterflies.  (Yes, he still gives me butterflies.) 

Have I mentioned that he's an amazing cook?  Oh my, you have no idea.


Something about a guy who cooks breakfast. ;)

I even often find my mind wondering if other couples have as much fun as we do.  Do they act as ridiculous as we do when they're all alone?  I know people wonder about us.  We dance.  We tease.  We aggravate.
We laugh. 

As I remind him where he left his belt.....his phone.....his wallet, I just think of it as a foreshadowing of things to come.  It makes my heart smile.  I'm so full with love for this amazing man that has put up with me for the last 9 years.  Looking past my mood swings.  Handling my overwhelming ADHD outbursts of energy. Even allowing the nitpicky OCD habits. 


What a man.  I love him more everyday.


Amy said...

ahhh happy anniversary! What an adorable post and I love all the pictures! But I love that you guys have known eachother so long more. That is precious...you guys being on the bus together is the best story yet!!


Dorcas_Speaks said...

Very Sweet...Congratulations...I love ya'll... XOXOXO

Sillynelle said...

You both are amazing people...and even more amazing together :)

Chelle said...

Happy {late} Anniversary you lovebirds!

Your love for one another shines through in your writing and your pictures. So romantic!