what's mine isn't always yours.

I have so many post topics running through my brain today. However, I definitely needed to take the time to tell this quick story before my ADHD kicks in and I forget.

It all started Tuesday when I went to lunch with the mister at this great little restaurant downtown called Shangri La. Their sushi is AMAZING! But let's not get side-tracked.

Jeremy & I shared a sushi roll and then I ordered the Honey Crispy Chicken. Might I add that this dish is up there with "amazing" as well. So, I had at least half of it leftover and decided to box up the yummy goodness for lunch the next day.

When I arrived at work, I placed MY classy, black to-go box in the fridge and went to my desk.
On Wednesday, I didn't eat breakfast and wasn't able to go to lunch until 2pm. It was all bearable though because I was imagining that to-go box full of deliciousness. Lunch time finally rolls around and I walk to the breakroom. I opened the fridge and there is not a black box in sight. I literally closed it and reopened it to make sure that I wasn't distracted by the bright green Mountain Dew bottle inside.

No black box.

The "Texan" rose up in me pretty quick...that and the mouthy "Thomas women gene." I could not believe that someone would just take my lunch. Especially with it being a to-go box. That's just nasty.

This very same food was on my plate in the restaurant, touched by my fork each time it left my mouth. That fork scraped that food from my plate into the black box. Who would do that?
I decided to notify the culprit ("Stealy McLuncheon" as I called them) of their deed. I wrote a note, in bold black sharpie, that read:

Whoever ate my honey crispy chicken owes me lunch!
Thanks alot!

I wanted so much to add, "P.S. I have mono."  I decided against it.  I simply taped the note to the refrigerator door and left it.
In all honesty, I just wanted them to be more aware of their actions.  So, since I had very little time left on my break, I had to settle on a donated apple crisp bar and a Diet Coke to tide me over until about 7pm.

The next morning, I arrived at work to find this on my desk.....

I found my note from the refrigerator with a nice, crisp $5 bill tucked inside.  It made my day even though I still have no idea who would eat some random, unknown person's leftovers.

Maybe I should put another note up and make myself a pen pal. ;)


Kassie Dutton said...

Hilarious! Good for you for having the nerve to leave a note, and good for THEM for actually paying you back.

Traci said...

I can't believe that someone ate a random togo lunch! You made that story hilarious, though. I wish you would have put that you had mono on it. good one!

SarahD. said...

LOL This story blesses my soul! I so wished you woulda put the mono part! That is soo nasty to eat some random persons left overs! SOO NASTY!

amber dodd. said...

Thank you everyone! =]
I definitely would have added the "P.S." part, but my publisher was standing in the breakroom as I wrote the note. Don't think he would have appreciated the humor as much as I would. haha

Stephanie Moore * OurLittleMissThing said...

OMD, I'M DYING!!!!!!!
that is so my kind of girl, good for you!