i ♥ san francisco.

While I am aware of the reputation of San Francisco, I must admit that it has become one of my favorite places to visit.

Not to shop for the latest fashions.  Not to eat at extravagant restaurants. I go to look.  Mostly through the lens of my camera.  It is my absolute favorite place to take pictures.

I had the opportunity to go thrift store shopping with some great friends on Saturday and loved every minute.  Honestly, I didn't even plan on spending money.  (My husband should be proud.)  I just took my camera.

So, here is our girls' day out.....in photos.

Our day started off with a ride on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) train.  It was Isabell's first time riding it, as well as mine.  However, Isabell was the one who nearly fell as the train took off. ;)

Danielle was our tour leader.

We arrived safely and began our shopping excursion.  We were completely oblivious to the things that our little eyes would see that day.  haha

You might recognize Danielle's hoodie, but if not, check out my friend Amy's blog here.
She is the creative genius behind this amazing line.

Doesn't Danielle make a wonderful spokesmodel? ;)

I was a big fan of the "spork wall."

Hyper?  Why yes we are!

The day was amazing & I am so thankful for wonderful friends (new & old) who made my weekend a memorable one.  Not to mention the random San Franciscans who played their part.
Believe me.  I'm doing you a favor by not divulging any more information. ;)


Chandra said...

Stunnnnnning fotos of le skirt mafia! Way cool!

Alisha said...

Great pics Amber...It looks like you all had a blast! I love going to the city!

Amy said...

Wow!! Amber! These pictures are incredible! Did you take all these yourself? Very good job!

And thanks so much for the great shout out to me and my little hoodies. I'm so glad you guys like them and that Danielle got to wear it on her special day.

xoxo Amy

amber dodd. said...

Thanks everybody! I LOVE photography! =]
Yes Amy, I took these myself. Thanks! Yes, I was jealous of Miss Danielle's cute hoodie. Hopefully soon I will have the extra cash to purchase my own!

Audrey said...

Great photos. Wonderful momentos of what looks like a successful day.

Kassie Dutton said...

Great pics! And thanks for following my blog...I don't see where I can follow yours. Maybe the whole page isn't loading right now. I see the header, just can't actually follow.

Kassie Dutton said...

Ok, nevermind! It's working now. I'm a follower. :)

amber dodd. said...

Yayy Kassie....glad to have you as a new follower!! Thanks!! =]

Sillynelle said...

Wow you are quite the blogger Amber :) I enjoyed looking through are little adventures...and yes I agree...so glad you saved some special little bushy details...hah!