hail marys & nuts and berries.

So, as everyone knows from my last microscopic post.....I got a promotion!
You know what's awesome?  I actually do love my job. 
This place is full of crazy people...which leads to uber-crazy conversations.  We always joke about how we're practically paid to laugh.  That's a good job.

*Disclaimer:  Yes, we do work.  I promise.  We just multi-task well.

I hear things in the office that floor me.  Sometimes due to humor.  Sometimes due to ignorance.

For example, Monday I walk in to work and say, "Happy Flag Day!"  A co-worker looks up and responds, "Oh.  Is that why there are so many flags out?" 


Today, co-worker #1 drops the hole-punch tray. Needless to say, paper dots are everywhere. Co-worker #2 walks by and says, "Someone having a party? There's graffiti everywhere!" ....and walks away laughing. ....Umm, confetti maybe? Nice try.


Last week, I'm talking to another co-worker.  The conversation went something like this:
Me:  I'm going to have to talk to Margo tomorrow.
Her:  Mario??
Me:  Yeah, we're going to go defeat Bowser.


Another co-worker once said, "I THINK I have a dryer in my garage." 
You think? 
It's an appliance, not a screwdriver. How unorganized IS your garage?


My boss is probably known most for his random conversations & outbursts.  Not too long ago, he just runs in my office with a paper wad & yells, "Fade away!" as he tosses it. Then smugly leaves saying, "Nothing but plastic."  

Of course, I terrorize him as well.  He is constantly teased about his daily lunch of nuts & berries.  He is also Catholic.  Therefore, I tease that his days are merely filled with "hail marys & nuts and berries." hehe. 

Recently I've been on a mission to talk him into using "oh buttons" as his official statement of frustration. He's not buying it.  

Don't think he's innocent. On my birthday, he told me that I'm "running out of time" and I need to have kids now!  I was like, "I'm still young."  He replied, "Noooo, you're not!" Boo.

He also monitors my beverage choices.  Let's just say that I have been refused a Mountain Dew by my boss because he claims I'm hyper enough naturally.  Who?  Me??

But, I think the funniest conversation that we've ever had, went something like this:

Him: You remind me a lot of my middle daughter. 
Me: Oh yeah? How's that? 
Him: Well...she's very humble. Which isn't exactly you. 
Me: Oh really? 
Him: And she's really into fashion...which isn't exactly you either...
Me: Wow. Thanks. *laughs* 
Him: Umm...I'm 0 for 2 aren't I? *laughs* 
Me: Uh, yeah.  

EPIC Fail.

I love my job. ♥ 


Small Town Girl said...

I want to work where you work! Take your job and imagine the complete opposite....yeah...that's where I work. And promotion? CONGRATS! Have a Mountain Dew about it!

Dunn But Not Finished said...

I ran across your blog when I was checking out a friend's who has you listed on her blog. I was immediately hooked! Loved reading this post. Keep writing!