a mcspicy makeover.

Ahh...summertime is on its way and I got a makeover just in time!
...To my blog of course.
We all know that any other makeover would take a little bit more time. ;)

MAJOR HUGE GI-NORMOUS THANKS to my friend, Dionne...the Homesick Cajun.  The OhMyDodd! blog beautification is all her!  So, the recent lack of posts have been for good reason, people!  I've been lettin' her do her thang!  Awesome job.  I'm so uber excited.  It's like I get a sugar-high every time I see the page!  *squeeee*

If you're looking to "be-dazzle" your blog, I suggest you contact her....pronto!

I also have to thank DeAnn, the Displaced Southerner, for looking out for me & offering the recommendation.  I owe you one!

Also, check out the tabs above for more OMD! awesomeness, and grab my button for your page!  I'll be your best friend. ;)

To Dionne, thanks again, boo!  ♥♥♥

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DeAnn said...

Boo! I love that..Dione is a crack up! and I LOVE your makeover.. really nice... and naturally I love you too!~ thanks for the mention.. I did think of you the minute I read your fb post.. hehe =) and I can finally grab your button~! yay!!