rooty tuesday!

Not sure why I want to call it "Rooty Tuesday," but it makes me smile. :)  So there.

I need a day where I can be completely random in my posting.  (As if I really need an excuse.)
So, I plan on every Tuesday being devoted to the utter randomness that is my life.  And oh, the fun we shall have.

So, today's post includes a link to a video clip.  *squeeeee* 

My friends and I pretty much have a weekly ritual of piling in my house to play SingStar.  For those of you who don't know, SingStar is a karaoke game for the Playstation.  It's insane!  You'll never understand without video footage, so I offer you just one moment from last night at the Dodd house.

Enjoy. :)


Dee said...

Girl I was taking a break from your layout and watched the video!! That guy dancing in the background...yeah, I almost pissed my pants!! Funny!

You should try playing Cranium Wow with them...I REALLY thought I was gonna piss myself playing that one!! It's really fun!

Anonymous said...


I laughed until I was crying! That guy in the background was so hilarious!

I wish I could've been there and seen it in person!