mi casa.

I am now officially in my house! 

Unfortunately for everyone who has been reading my blog, this will officially be the end of the apartment tales. I am relieved.  No treadmills.  No random daily scents in the hallway.  No crazy neighbors.

I absolutely love it!  Of course, it's a bit empty since we moved the contents of a studio apartment into a 3 bedroom/2 bath home.  Our apartment could literally fit into the master bedroom of our new home. Needless to say, there's a slight echo.

I'll definitely post some more pics as they come, but that will more than likely be after I actually get the place decorated.  Who wants to see a big room with nothing in it but a couch?

For the first time, I'm feeling at home in California. (Don't tell Mom. haha)

My new home & my amazing church have made this all possible.  Honestly, I'm grateful.  I feel that eventually I'll be back in Texas....but in the meantime, I'm settled.

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Audrey said...

Good luck with the new house! I love your signature at the end of your blogs.