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Earlier this week, Jeremy and I learned that his cousin, Landon Dodd, had been rushed to the ER with difficulty breathing. He had gone to the hospital on Friday with the flu (turns out was H1N1) and was then diagnosed in the ER on Sunday with double pneumonia which complicated everything. Doctors gave him a 45% chance of making it though the night. He's 32 with two young boys, and is in ICU in Tyler, TX. Well, he made it through the night, but doctors were literally taking it hour by hour to see how he would progress. We requested prayer with just about everyone we knew.
Today, we were holding our weekly bible study in our home. We decided to talk about prayer. As we wrapped up, we all held hands and closed in prayer. Just as we were saying, "Amen," the phone rang. Jeremy's brother said that the doctor came in shaking his head and said his lungs (that were completely whited out) have cleared up so much that only 25% of his lungs are affected now! Praise God!!
I know prayer works! So, if you would...please continue to pray for Landon there in ICU at Tyler, TX. He is 32 and married with two young boys. Thanks so much!

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Amy said...

Amber I will pray for Landon. I cannot imagine losing my husband, or the father to my children. God is able!