i left my heart...

Oh San Francisco.  I love thee.
Saturday was yet another day to run away to the big city for some fun with my friends. I’ve found that any trip with my friend, Cressie, includes multiple stops for yummy food.   She has the ability to sniff out a bakery anywhere.  She’s bad for me.  So, so bad.
First stop?  Chinatown for a tea tasting.
Every time we’re in Chinatown, this place is a must.  Eastern Bakery is the best EVER!  Everyone should stop in and try their steamed pork buns or their AMAZING macaroons.
Like I said, we made many food stops.  Next for lunch was a stop at Steps of Rome Cafe.  I’d say the best place for Italian food.  Whether it be a panini or classic lasagna….all I can say is NOM!
Yes, that is a truffle….and it was AMAZING!  Thanks to Jo for sharing.
I tried a little off of everyone’s plate, but wasn’t too hungry when we arrived.  So, my lunch was a little different…
Don’t judge.
Of course, after a short walk it was time for gelato.  Yummy, yummy gelato.  And Gelateria Naia is the place with the most yummy flavors.  My gelato of choice was half roasted banana and half chocolate malt.  Once again….NOM!
So, we grabbed gelato and walked to Washington Square Park to enjoy the art show.
Afterwards, lounging in the park sounded just right.  Landry took that a little too far.
We also made a new furry friend.  Meet Obi Wan.  Such a friendly little guy.
Wakey, wakey eggs & bakey!  Landry finally joins the land of the living.
Next random stop?  Picking up an upright bass on Langton.  I know, random.  Loved the surroundings though.
Jo was even able to make his own mark on the wall.  One single brush stroke.
I love pictures of doors.  Don’t ask why…I can’t tell you.
Great day.  Wonderful day.
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There. Commercial over.

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