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In a world where it seems that the words "modest," "plus-sized" and "fashionable" can not exist in the same universe, I have found my diamond in the rough.  Huge love to my friend, Chandra, for her amazing blogging & fashionista-esque ways.  More Modern Modesty, or MoMoMod, is indeed my new happy place.

Unfortunately, society has often shunned the clothing needs of the plus-sized woman--sentencing her to, what seems like, a life of moo-moos & elastic waistbands.  Thankfully, Chandra has created a blog that offers modest fashion ideas while challenging the ideas that you have to exchange fashion for modesty.  It's about time someone said, "Stylish, fabulous, and modest—it’s possible." 

What's also awesome is that she's also thinking about sales.  I am definitely a "frugalista," so this makes me even more giddy.  Plus, she is up-to-date on gift ideas.  What hasn't she thought of? ;)
More excitement?  Once her fan page on Facebook reaches 310, she's starting the giveaways!  Now I know you gals like the giveaways!  We're talking hair goodies by Rubie Zuniga Lee, fashion by RawHemline and a $25 gift card from Macy's.  Ooooh la la.  Plus, Ginger Pinks has offered to hose a giveaway for the month of May!  

So, my dearies....don't miss out!  Check out MoMoMod and become a fan on Facebook!  
Or, you can just stick to your moo-moos & elastic waistbands. ;)

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Chandra said...

Gasp! Endorsement by the ever-so-lovely Amber Dodd? Yesss!

Thanks, buddy!