it's official.

Yep.  I did it.

I am now 30.  I think it sounds worse when I say it. ;p

So far, so good.  I must admit that my transition to this new undiscovered age was EPIC!  BirthDAY?  Try BirthWEEK!!  Mom flew in and a grand ol' time was had by all.

First stop?  San Francisco, of course.  I truly ♥ SF!  We booked a tour of Alcatraz and off we went.  Unfortunately, Mom brought the rainy weather with her from Tornado Alley.....so it ended up being just a wee bit chilly.  But all in all....it was a very interesting trip.  The rain & the fog made The Rock that much more ominous.

The very next day, we celebrated my 30th in style.  80's style, that is.  We had sooooo much fun with our "Flashback to the 80's" party.  BIG thanks to my AMAZING friend, Danielle, for hosting the shindig at her house.  It was perfect!!!

Danielle even had another button for my awesome "button-covered" denim jacket. hehe  It said: 30.  It's the BIG ONE!  She also gave me a gift that I am SO excited to use!  In my birthday card from Danielle, I found a gift card to Evy's Tree!  If you haven't read some of my earlier blogs, Evy's Tree is an Etsy shop owned by my friend, Amy.  I plan on getting my hoodie soon!!!  How exciting!

Also take notice of my naturally curly hair....and its fro-like qualities.  Folks, it didn't take much to make it that big.  Believe me.  This is what I fight to tame every day.....and it definitely has a mind of its own!

Of course, my outfit was based on my 1980's hero.....Miss Punky Brewster.  I loved her!  (What am I talking about?  I still love Punky! lol)

I'm so glad that I have friends who like to have fun as much as I do.  They were all such good sports and went all out on their costumes.  I'm definitely a fan of my bestie's outfit.  Israel's zebra print Hammer pants cracked me up!!!

So, thirty is off to a good start.  I think I can work with this.  Big thanks to all of my friends & family and their birthday wishes.  It was wonderful!!  I love you all!!

And, of course, no birthday celebration (or any other get-together) is complete without jumping pictures. Danielle and I are the BIGGEST fans of jumping pictures.  So, as I wrap this up.....enjoy. 


Whimsical Creations said...


Happy 30th to you!

Amy said...

ha!!! Laura's outfit= awesome!! love it! :)

So glad you enjoyed your gift. :) xoxo

Sillynelle said...

You possess some awesome blogging skills! So blogalicious! Like totally! Im so glad you aged so gracefully for us to celebrate in a decade that Im ok if we never bring back to life. haha What were those people thinking??? Im so glad you enjoyed your birthday week You deserved some rad times!

Chandra said...

LOL Funnnny! I love this!! I'm glad you had a great birfday!