Yes, I am aware that it has been over a week since my last post.  I think I've been recuperating from our Landmark Conference last week, PLUS having company for that week as well.  I have been worn out!

So, last Tuesday it all started.  I was running around all day, went to work and then had to be at the airport in Sacramento at 11pm to pick up our friend, Todd, who was flying in from Texas.  Our Landmark Conference at our church (Christian Life Center) started the very next night.  I am in the choir, so I had to be at the church over an hour before service each night for sound check.  The conference went from Wednesday through Friday, plus I played drums for the Thursday morning service...which had me there at 7:15am for sound check.  Understand one thing.  I am NOT a morning person.  Not one bit.  I enjoyed every minute of it though.

Despite my body crying out desperately for sleep, the conference was AMAZING!

(My view from the choir)

Even though the conference was all week, we still managed to get Todd out of Stockton and off to see San Francisco before he had to fly back home.

The Mister and I loaded him up in the car and took off for the pier.  It has to be my favorite place to go in San Francisco.  
 We also did something that we had never done.  We took a boat tour around Alcatraz.  
We chose to sit on the front of the boat and Todd, being his crazy self, was singing "Barbara Ann" after seeing a boat with the same name.  Little did he know that another passenger had come to the front to sit as well.  I just looked at the gentleman and said, "Oh don't worry about him.  This is normal."  Todd whipped his head around completely embarrassed.  Oddly enough, once I explained that we were from Texas, it was all peachy. =]
Come to find out, our friendly co-passenger was from New Zealand.  For some reason Todd asks the gentleman if he's ever seen the movie, "Dumb & Dumber."  The man replies, "Oh!  That's where I've seen you before!"  Ha!  What a funny guy!

The Rock.

Our view as we headed back....

Our Texas friend, Todd. 

It was definitely an exhausting, yet great, week.  But excuse me while I take another nap.


Us Four & No More said...

I love SF and love your photos...

Amy said...

great photos again!! And I LOVE Alcatraz. We used to go there for field trips as kids. Can you believe that Brandon has never been? I've been dying to take him, so hopefully soon.

Sounds like you guys had fun!

Cynthia said...

these photos are awesome, also how do you sign your name in your blog