oooh....I'm a fancy award-winner.

This is a momentous occasion.

I received my first award!

My friend Amy over at The Adventures of the Miraflor Family, who makes those amazingly cute hoodies, gave it to me. It's called "The Honest Scrap" award. Not really sure how I got it, but I am saying it's because I tell things like they are...and I'm scrappy. hehe
By accepting the award, I am supposed to post 10 interesting things about myself.  So, let's see what I can do....

1. My nickname is "Rowdy." It has been for over 10 years.  Some people don't even know my real name.

2. I KNOW I won the husband lottery!! He's wonderful!


3. I absolutely love music! I play several instruments and I sing.

4. I love organization! The Container Store gives me goosebumps! lol

5. I am a Muralist and have my own business--Rowdy Rooms.

6. I have 14 nieces and nephews.  I love them all!  --Aaron, Alexis, Jacob, Caden, Lucas, Caleb, Jonah, Jazmine, Kennedie, Kylee, Kamberlyn, Macy, Katelyn & Levi.

7. I "punch" people to show affection. I don't know why.  Maybe it's a southern thing.  It's not forceful.  Just a little "love pat".... ;)

8.  I was once attacked by a turkey.  Had a random fear of them for years....haha

9. I compulsively eat one thing at a time. Fries...then the burger. Sides...then the meat.

10. I LOVE to alphabetize things!

My second duty as an "Honest Scrap" winner is that I am also supposed to award it to seven other blogs. Sooo here they are:

Thanks Amy!  I'm so excited to have received my very first award.  Now I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's random facts. :)

For now....I'm out.


Cynthia said...

i've never been in the container store. i have to restrain myself because i love organization!

Amy said...

Dying at the turkey one haha. Love it!! Congrats hehe...

DeAnn said...

yay!!! thank you so for the award! I'll post on my blog too! We are so much alike it's scary! I totally eat one thing at a time.. Love a southerner! xoxoxo