california garage sales.

The past year has definitely been a year of firsts. Moving to California has opened my eyes to some new discoveries.

For instance, I have come to the conclusion that all garage sales in California are selling one of three things: 1) golf clubs, 2) antiques, or 3) what I'll categorize as "unmentionables."

Seriously, it's true. I'm a Whitlock. Californians don't understand what this means. Anyone back home can tell you that Whitlocks are bargain hunters. My uncle owns an auction. My dad & I were hitting garage sales & trades days as soon as I could walk! I'm a garage sale guru!

However, my first day of "hittin' up" garage sales in California was a joke. I KNOW I visited at least 12-15 garage sales. Each one contained these three categories.

Golf clubs, golf clubs, golf clubs. Apparently everyone is having to work more hours due to the economy, thus causing them to neglect their golf game.

When I say antiques, don't think of cute little knick-knacks. Oh no....I'm into THOSE kind of antiques. These are ancient items that turn to dust if you even look at them wrong. Nothing that could be turned into anything fancy. Nope. Guess that's out of the question.

Unmentionables. Well...we'll just keep it at that. Why they think someone wants to buy their used "unmentionables," I'll never know. *shudder*

Oh well. Despite my negative introduction to California garage sales, I'll give it another try. I AM a Whitlock, you know. =]

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