I know what you're going to say....

It's either a) it's about time! or b) who are you again?

I know. I know. Honestly, I had thought of throwing in the towel. But NO! Today I was inspired by a friend, Amy Miraflor. Reading her family blog made me realize that I need to blog more myself. So here I am.

I must inform you that I no longer have a personal computer. My beloved laptop decided to walk towards the light in August. So, I'll do my best to find access and keep this thing updated once again. Of course, this means that my video blog - The OhMyDodd! Show - is on a temporary hiatus as well. No computer = No video editing. *sigh* Hopefully I will have a new one by the first of the year.

But if you've been under a rock, or you're just plain bored....go get caught up on the show. =] Until then....I'm out.

1 comment:

Amy said...

ahhh you mentioned my blog! so sweet! :) Yours is very cool...looking forward to following! :)