a good thing.

Yesterday I celebrated 8 years of marriage to an amazing guy.

Looking back, it's so hard for me to believe that we have been married this long, but at the same time it feels like things have always been this way.

Amazingly enough, we met at the age of 9.

I had just started attending church at Savoy UPC in Savoy, Texas. I was getting on a bus full of kids from surrounding churches, as far as an hour away, and we were headed to Youth Camp. I sat next to Gina, a quiet girl that I had just met. (Gina is now my best friend.) In front of us sat a cute little brown-headed boy from her church. His name was Jeremy. And so history was written....

We became friends. We often saw each other at sectional youth rallies, youth camps, and revivals. Just friends.

He was my date to my Senior prom. Just as my friend.

Honestly I was like any other girl. I made the list of "the guy" I would marry. Top of the list? Amazing personal walk with God.

And great hair.

I never dated seriously. I was a social butterfly who just enjoyed hanging out with friends. When I did begin to date, my mother told me not to waste my time. "You're just going to marry Jeremy Dodd," she would say.

I didn't believe her.

"Mom, we're just friends." "He's too serious." "He's a TOTAL librarian."

Excuses, excuses. I dated guys with similar personalities to mine. No wonder they never worked out.

One revival service at his home church changed everything. He called to invite our youth group. I had plans to introduce him to my friend. For some reason, this night was totally different.

July 16, 2000. He bought MY meal and my friend's name never came up.

We began dating. He was so different from everyone else that I had dated. Before I felt as though my date and I were constantly competing for the spotlight. For the first time, I was with someone who was constantly pushing me into it.

March 3, 2001 we were married. I love him more now than ever. I thank God for my husband. He's the most amazing man I have ever known. My hero. My best friend.

For him to be the man he is today, is an amazing testimony to his character and determination. I've never known anyone like him. He's awesome! I love him more every day...

I love you Jeremy!


Holly Genevieve said...

Aww congrats! That is so cool :)

Deanie said...

Wow! This made me cry a little.
I love y'all.