dodd...amber dodd.

I am finally coming to the realization that I am one of a kind.

Yes, yes...I hear the shock in voice.

I actually thought that there were others like me. Amazingly enough I am unique. I know there are a lot of variables that make up who I am. I know this. But, am I really that odd?

For instance, I hate when I don't remember a person's name. I will avoid any sentence that requires the use of a name until my memory is miraculously refreshed. Others? Apparently not. I think they just think of the first name that comes to mind. I've been working at my current job for almost 8 months now. My boss still calls me 'Heather' from time to time. Amazingly enough, I often have to answer to the very same name with my husband's uncle.

I suppose this is better than the first two or three weeks where I could be answering to anything from Amy to Amanda. Sometimes you just have to be on your toes.

Even when working back home in Texas...the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Bill, consistently called me Amanda. So much that the girls working there and even my co-worker chimed in with the lovely nickname.

I gave him a dose of his own medicine. Every time I got a "Hello, Amanda," I just spouted back with a "Hey Bob!"

Maybe we as adults should become proactive. Just as our mothers wrote our initials in all of our "unmentionables," we should have our name sewn on our clothing. You know, somewhere inconspicuous....like our sleeve. Or we could swing back to the 80's and bring back the awesome western belts with our names on the back. Boy, those were rockin'!

Unfortunately, we can't all walk around with blinking neon lights over our heads, brightly proclaiming our names. How cool would that be though? Mine would definitely be neon orange. But I digress...

Just be honest people. If you don't remember, simply ask. Don't send me into an identity crisis! I have a short attention span as it is....don't make me focus on answering to twelve other names! Thanks!

The name's not Amy or Amanda....or Heather.

It's Dodd.......Amber Dodd.


Barb said...

How many main thoughts were in this post? lol!

I always enjoy your refreshing view of life, Heather. Keep it up.

Amber. said...

*UPDATE* Amazingly enough, within 24 hours of posting this blog, I walked into my office to be greeted by my boss with a big, "Hello April."