I confess...

...I have become the queen of good intentions and the princess of empty promises.

I began my wonderful little blogspot here with the statement, "I am going to blog my little heart out. Oh! The things that I will write!"

Where has this gotten me? Sitting here staring at an empty blog. How embarrassing to know that I have to resort to inspiring myself through a so-called "New Year's Resolution."

Now, I'm not one to follow along with the whole "New Year's Resolution" tradition.....it's stupid to me. However I do believe in setting goals. Which is what I am doing this year.

1. ORGANIZE my home to the extreme!

I want people to to be fearful when they see how perfectly clean and organized my house is.

2. Crack down on the D-word.

Yes, diet. I've done well, but have slacked off majorly since November. Holidays out, exercise in.

3. Write.

I enjoy it so much, but why don't I ever take time to do it? Issue resolved. Take the time.

I could ramble on and on about everything I NEED to do.....but let's be realistic and just shoot for three.

Ok....so I am by no means a professional blogger, but why do I get jealous of people who can rattle off about bad celebrity fashion, thoughts on politics, and the happenings of Elmo? No clue.

It's not exactly that they are famous, or make a lot of money.....I think it's because I know that people check in just about every day to see what they're going to spout off next. Being a writer, I suppose that I feel challenged to compete with that. Unfortunately, I come to the battle completely unarmed.

Why am I telling you all of this? Probably to excuse myself from the pressure of wanting everyone to enjoy every tiny little word that I type here. Does it excuse me? Not one bit. The perfectionist in me will analyze everything typed, wondering if anyone will even show the slightest smile while reading it. Who knows why I torture myself over something that has little or no importance when thinking of the "big picture."

So, one down and many more to go.....

We'll see how this thing unfolds.


Barb said...

Hey, Amber... good to hear from you again.

If you get a chance, go by a blog I follow, Monkeys are Funny at http://myadhdme.blogspot.com/. She is hilarious and always garners a chat room instead of just comments.

Holly Genevieve said...

Nice blog! I enjoyed reading it :) You are a very good writer.

Kevin Timothy Evans said...

I'd rather read you blog than listen to people ramble about elmo!
See ya,
Kevin Evans