I am officially upset with the BCS.

Apologies to all of my wonderful friends who think that girls and football do not mix. I confess that I am a die-hard Texas Longhorns fan.
Unfortunately, the BCS is robbing me of my joy and causing me to lose my victory.
First they offended me by ranking Oklahoma over Texas....after Texas stomped them 45-35. Such a horrible decision put the Sooners in the BCS Championship against the Florida Gators.
Last night, the Gators defeated the Sooners to win the Championship.
After I was beginning to simmer from the first mistake, the BCS goes and ranks Oklahoma as
#1!?!? Does Bob Stoops own stock in the BCS? Am I the only one confused? This BCS computer ranking system has got to GO!

Even Obama has figured that one out.

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Holly Genevieve said...

HA HA Super Hula Hooping is on WII Fit. It's pretty fun but intense for someone as out of shape as I am. We will have to try it sometime when we are all at the Krantz'