i left my heart...

Is it possible to be addicted to a city?

If so, San Francisco is my drug of choice.

Growing up in small town Texas, surrounded by acres of farmland & night skies larger than life, I thought I would never enjoy such a high-energy metropolis.  My belief was that I could never love "the city" as much as I did the complete calm and relaxation of the country.

I was wrong.

In all honesty, my first visit to San Francisco was a bit overwhelming.  The mister, in his trademarked southern drawl, said, "Let's just drive around and check it out."

Of course, anyone who has ever driven there knows that it's not that easy.  Especially when you're not from some other booming U.S. city.  But, off we went.

As we drove down the Embarcadero, I felt the excitement of seeing the bay and the hustle & bustle on the pier.  Traffic was a little more than what we were used to, but that was expected.  It was as he turned and traveled away from the bay, that I realized how close everything looked.   Not just close, but CLOSE.  Cars zipping by.  Pedestrians walking out in the street.  Buildings towering over us so that I could see the top from our car.

Yes, things were VERY close.

Disclaimer:  I think I trust the mister's driving.  However, I do not trust it enough to hide my fear of his habitual slamming of the brakes & ability to be easily distracted.

The fear I mentioned above was amplified multiple times due to the factors surrounding us.  I believe this was the moment I might have freaked out a little.  Looking back, I'm sure that my reaction to our current situation could have in no way improved the mister's driving skills.  On the contrary, I'm sure it made him a nervous wreck right along with me.

So, here we are: Two little podunk Southerners from Northeast Texas, trying to drive our happy little selves through the second-most densely populated large city in the United States.  All the while, I am realizing that I might be just a wee bit claustrophobic.  Get the picture?

Poor mister.

Since then, I have thankfully grown accustom to San Francisco.  More than that, I actually love it there.  I am closer than ever to understanding why Tony Bennett belted out, "I left my heart in San Francisco."

I'm past the tourism phase & now have my favorite haunts.  This weekend I visited some of my favorite places with some of my favorite people.  I recommend that anyone spending any amount of time there, stop by.  Our day included lunch at Steps of Rome in Little Italy, the divine chocolate macaroons of awesomeness at Eastern Bakery in Chinatown & shopping on Powell St.  Of course, I have photos to capture my day's activities:

Best Italian Restaurant!  NOM!

Jeni's latte.

The mister surprised me with flowers at lunch.  *swoon*

My love. <3

The mister's spinach gnocchi.

Jeni's pumpkin ravioli.

My panini.

Jo & Jeni's tiramisu.

Emily's cannoli. 

The mister's dessert.

Brendan's lemon dessert.

A hollowed-out, frozen peach (once) filled with peach sorbetto.

Home of the most amazing chocolate macaroons on earth!

My beautiful friend, Emily. 

The Dodd Squad.

Emily & I...."converse-ing".

Thanks to my friends for making it such a great day:  The mister, Brendan, Jo, Jeni, Emily & Kristen.  Love you guys!

"I left my heart in San Francisco 
High on a hill, it calls to me. 
To be where little cable cars 
Climb halfway to the stars! 
The morning fog may chill the air 
I don't care! 
My love waits there in San Francisco 
Above the blue and windy sea 
When I come home to you, San Francisco, 
Your golden sun will shine for me!"


Alisha said...

Oh yay :) You blogged, hehe!!
I love the city, Josh and I go as often as we can. It looks like you had so much fun...without me, I might add :( ha!

amber. said...

I did!! Getting back in the groove. ;) I vote that you come next time!!