With this being my last service in Oroville, I feel the need to reminisce.

Oroville has provided great memories in our time so far here in California, not mention great friendships.

I will most definitely miss calling Bro. Krantz..."Pastor." I am glad, however, that for this short time I have been allowed to do so. He & Sis. Krantz have no idea how highly esteemed they are in my eyes. I don't think I have ever admired and "looked up" to anyone more than I do them. Not only do I admire them, but I love them and consider them to be my friends.

So, for the sake of being nostalgic, I will share my favorite "Pastor Quotes." Trust me, you're not ready for this...

"You're so weak, it only takes 3 demons and 2 sissies to push you out the truck."

"I'm beginning to think 'FAIR' is merely a place you show pigs and sell marmalade."

"He was broke out with all kinds of stupid..."

"Put on your big girl skirt....and do it."

"If your mama was a woman..."

"It doesn't take a genius to figure out that dumb ideas are bad."

"Be careful when everybody on earth thinks you have a great idea. There must be one smart person out there."

"Wikipedia is created & maintained by old, dirty, perverted guys living in their parents' basements in Seattle."

I'm sure there are more....actually I'm positive there are more. This will have to do. Bro. & Sis. Krantz.....thank you so much! I love you guys!

With that said, I feel the need to share my story of Sunday night. I didn't even tell anyone! What a surprise. (Don't worry, I'm not getting off subject.....)

So, as Bro. Krantz was preaching his last message as Pastor......something caught my eye. Of course, this doesn't take much. Shiny or moving things always grab my attention
, no matter what the circumstance. But this night, it just happened to be a fly.

Flies are general irritating as it is. However, Sunday was unbearable. This one lowly fly repeatedly flew in my line of vision. Not once. Not twice. But all night! Back and forth. Back and forth. There was an entire room, but it had to stay in my line of vision.....all night. Do all flies hopelessly fly the same flight pattern over and over? Maybe this fly had ADHD and was simply too busy watching the ceiling fan...thus distracting him from his flight pattern. All I know, is that it made it hard for this ADHD kid to stay focused.

So, Bro. Krantz.....if you noticed me on the second row looking a little spacey, blame the fly.

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Sis K said...

Amber Dodd...you are too sweet for words!!! Thank you for all your kindness! I am so thankful for the time we were able to spend together...I love you so much. I appreciate you and our wonderful friendship! I miss you so much already...I am so grateful its not a goodbye forever! We must jalapeno dance again!!!!!!!!!!