I'm Back....


Apologies for the "lull" in posts, but this last week kept me incredibly busy. Our Landmark Conference here at CLC was phenomenal.....so it was well worth the hard work and lack of sleep!

In other news....I have been tagged! Oh yes! How exciting! I'm honored and feel the need to make a speech, but I'll refrain.

So....here I go with my letter.

Okay....10 Things I Love That Begin With The Letter "J".

1. Jesus. I don't really feel the need to explain this one. It's kind of obvious.....or at least I hope so. There is none like Him. There is no way to possibly put in to words my adoration. No way to thank Him for all He's done.

2. Jeremy. My cute little hubby. Words can not explain how lucky I am. If there was a "husband lottery"....I won the jackpot. I don't know that anyone else would have the patience to put up with me. I love him!

3. Jamba Juice. Since my move to California, this has become an obsession.

4. Joy. No, seriously. Happiness rocks my socks.

5. Jotting down my thoughts. I keep notes. These crazy ideas and one-liners are consistently invading my brain. I have to share them. It's just necessary. When they actually evolve into something worth reading, it's even better!

6. Jimmy Needham. This boy can flat out sing! I can listen to his music all day, every day. If you haven't experienced Jimmy, I suggest you do so. Soon.

7. Journalism. In school...at work. Cut me and I bleed ink.

8. Just being me. I have found that the older I get, the more I like myself. Not in an arrogant way. I just like who I am and have grown past the days of peer pressure.....to be comfortable in my own skin.

9. Jeeps. I would have a Wrangler right now. Oh the joy.

10. Jukin' & Jivin'. Music is me. I love music.....listening, playing, whatever. I have to have it!

So there ya go. That was fun. I admit though, it was a bit challenging. Promise to be back soon with more rambling.

Maybe even tomorrow! (Dun dun dunnnnn)


Sis K said...
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Sis K said...

hi sis amber...glad to see that you are back at it. we missed you all so much sunday...hope all is well. know that you are loved and thought of often. xoxoxoxo