fitness & adhd.

Fitness.  It haunts me.

Of course, it doesn't help when you live with mister "I'll do 2 sit-ups and wake up tomorrow with washboard abs."  Ugh.

I really enjoy working out and being active.  That's the crazy part.  Unfortunately, my ADHD prevents me from most free activities.  Like walking.

The boredom from walking alone will put me into a coma.  I can also play competitive sports all day.  I am one competitive chick.  When living in Texas, I would meet up with friends after work at 7pm and play sand pit volleyball until 2:00 and 3:00am.  I require a much more social approach to fitness.  Either that, or a more fun way....like a game.

In a perfect world, I would go and purchase the arcade game of Dance Dance Revolution and put it in my house.  No lie. 
I absolutely love to make a fool of myself playing that game.  I have a long list of friends who I have forced to humiliate themselves right along with me.  It's a must.  The best way for a group of girls to get over themselves and just have fun.  I have the knack for not taking myself too seriously.

But not only is it fun, DDR will put the smackdown on you and never apologize. 

I need that kind of approach to fitness.  Any donations would be appreciated. ;)

Disclaimer:  I am not a DDR nerd.  Nor do I spend quality time in the local arcade.  Just sayin'...


Us Four & No More said...

Uh Huh... Yeah, umm, I am so uncoordinated that I have fallen several times on that game. Let's not even try to picture how graceful it must have been.

You could take up professional bowling?

Jasmin's Garden said...

Amber, just want you to know that I THINK YOU ARE THE COOLEST PERSON EVER!!!

Love you doll!